eGrove Systems aims to make it easier for merchants to embrace mobile commerce

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New product launched by eGrove Systems will allow online merchants to build their own mobile apps

IT solutions provider eGrove Systems has announced that it has launched a new product, called Elite m-Commerce. The product is meant to provide online merchants with a way to create their own mobile commerce applications. The demand for such a service has been growing in the retail sector for some time. Many merchants do not have the capability to develop their own mobile applications, which has left them reliant on third parties that may or may not be able to provide adequate services.

Online merchants may benefit from mobile commerce applications

The new product offered by eGrove Systems may be able to help online merchants transition from web-based payments to mobile payments and reach a broader spectrum of consumers. Many people have begun to rely on their smartphones and tablets in their daily lives, and this has become quite apparent in the retail space. More people are using their devices to shop online and purchase products, which is pressuring online merchants to adapt if they want to continue engaging consumers.


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New service allows merchants to customize their applications

geo social mobile commerceMerchants using the new service will be able to customize their own applications and will be able to put these apps on the popular iOS and Android stores. Merchants can create themes for their apps, offering users a visually pleasing experience, and they can even incorporate loyalty programs into their new mobile ventures. The apps will also be able to support mobile payments, allowing users to purchase products with their mobile devices.

The need for mobile-centric services continues to grow

Consumer interest in mobile commerce has created a shift in the retail industry. For years, retailers have relied on traditional marketing strategies and commerce to engage consumers. Now that so many people are enthralled with mobile technology, retailers have had to make changes to their old strategies in order to stay relevant. This has also meant that retailers have begun to rely on companies like eGrove Systems to provide them with the products and services they need to compete in a changing environment.

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