Eenox launches new QR code management service called Qube

QR Code Analytics

Eenox, a web technology startup founded in 2011, has launched a new QR code management service called Qube. As QR codes become more widely known amongst consumers, companies are starting to see how important it is to keep control of their QR codes. Code management services are not especially new to the world of QR codes, but many are quite similar to one another. Qube aims to be different through the use of emerging geolocation technologies that will help companies learn how to place their codes effectively.

The service utilizes HTML5 and Google’s Maps and Analytics platforms to provide users with geographic information and suggestions as to where they codes may be most useful. The Qube service also allows users to create touch optimized electronic documents. These documents can be made without having any coding knowledge whatsoever, making it an alluring feature for those not willing to spend money on hiring a programmer.


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As with other QR code management services, Qube allows users to track the performance of their coded marketing campaigns. It will also enable users to make changes to their codes based upon this performance, allowing companies to optimize the codes so that they will be more attractive to a specific demographic.

More information on the service can be found via the Eenox Qube website.

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