Education may be key to success of NFC technology

NFC technology mobile commerce

NFC technology mobile commerceNFC technology receives more support from investor in Texas

NFC technology is a very important piece in the puzzle of mobile commerce. The technology, which has seen use in marketing as a tool to engage mobile consumers, has become the cornerstone of most major mobile commerce efforts. NFC allows NFC facilitates the transmission of digital information between two mobile devices, or between a mobile device and an NFC-equipped terminal. The technology had received relatively little attention from consumers until the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S III, which uses the technology as a sharing platform for consumers. Now, the technology has attracted the attention of a prolific entrepreneur in Texas.

Sabella has high hopes for NFC

Robert Sabella is  the co-founder of AccelerateNFC, an industry program  that aims to promote the use of NFC technology, and the NFC Bootcamp, which regularly showcases the advanced made in NFC technology. Sabella has a strong interest in the technology because of its capability to connect with consumers in a dynamic way, and this interest extends well beyond using the technology in mobile commerce. Sabella believes that the technology can be used for a variety of purposes from content sharing to marketing and loyalty programs.

AccelerateNFC coming to Dallas

Sabella believes that Dallas, Texas, is on the verge of becoming a hub for NFC technology and innovation. As such, AccelerateNFC will be coming to the city to launch a 12-week program designed to teach businesses about how NFC technology can be used. The program will cover mobile commerce, but will also shed some light on the marketing potential of the technology. Applications for the program are expected to be available in August, and the program itself will begin in November this year.

Effective use of NFC may rely on knowledge

Like other interactive technologies, education is often considered the best way to find success in the use of NFC technology. Where mobile commerce is concerned, the technology’s role is fairly straightforward. In marketing, however, encouraging consumers to engage in the technology can be more difficult to understand, especially considering that NFC-based marketing campaigns can only be used by the relatively few people that have access to NFC-enabled mobile devices.

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