Edible QR codes shed light on California sushi

sushi qr codes

QR codes used to show off fresh sushi

For culinary connoisseurs, knowing what goes into making a meal is extremely important. This is as true for sushi as it is for other kinds of food. That is why restaurants are beginning to show more interest in making information concerning the food they offer more available to consumers. This is the case with Harney Sushi in San Diego, California, which has taken a somewhat innovative approach to information distribution. Patrons visiting the restaurant have begun seeing small, edible QR codes attached to their meals.

Harney Sushi shows favor for QR codes

QR codes have long held a valuable place in the world of marketing. The codes contain content that can be accessed by a samrtphone or tablet that is equipped with a code reading application and a camera. The codes are often used to direct consumers to mobile website, where they can find information concerning particular products or events. In the case of Harney Sushi, the QR codes are being used to inform customers of the quality of their meals.

Codes provide insight on sustainable seafood

The edible codes being used by Harney Sushi directs consumers to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration FishWatch website. This site was developed by the federal agency to document the qualitsushi qr codesy of seafood and highlight that which has been produced in a sustainable nature. Harney Sushi is one of the first sushi restaurants to make use of QR codes in this way and has managed to win some acclaim for making these codes edible.

QR codes remain powerful marketing tools

QR codes have been growing more popular as an effective tool for information distribution. Beyond the food industry, the codes have seen use in the U.S. by museums and national parks for the same purpose. The QR codes still exist as a powerful marketing tool, however, and continue to see extensive use by advertisers that are interested in engaging the growing population of mobile consumers.

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