eBay unveils new Apple Watch app

Apple Watch wearable technology

The online marketplace has also announced that it has updated its mobile application search function.

eBay has recently announced its latest move into the mobile ecosystem, with the unveiling of a new Apple Watch app as well as a range of updates that will apply to its iOS and Android based smartphone and tablet applications.

The new smartwatch app is designed to provide wearers with handy overviews of their account.

In this way, the Apple Watch app is meant to provide the owners of this wearable technology with notifications, and updates on the items that they are selling, watching, or on which they’ve made a bid. Wearers can also choose to receive eBay push notifications to be able to help them keep an eye on items that they are watching and are considering buying, as well as to assist sellers to rapidly view messages from customers.

The Apple Watch app is not the first application that eBay has offered to smartwatch wearers.

Apple WatchIn fact, the online marketplace already had a smartwatch app available about two years ago when it first made one available for Pebble as well as Samsung Galaxy Gear. The applications for those wearables have very similar functions to the latest one for the Apple smartwatch.

That said, there is no mystery as to why eBay would choose to bring an additional wearables app into the marketplace, particularly in this instance, as many believe that Apple’s device will be the one that will be leading the wearable technology industry. This is, therefore, an important platform for the eBay to gain access. It became even more important when Amazon, one of the prime rivals of the company, launched their own application

According to the senior product manager for mobile and wearables at eBay, John Tapley, “Our goal is to make it relevant to users and not obnoxious,” adding that “We’re just at the start of it, so we’ll continue to evolve the feature set over time.”

eBay has now included itself among a rapidly growing number of mobile commerce companies that are taking advantage of the expected popularity of smartwatches by creating an Apple Watch app early after the release of the device.

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