eBay reaches markets worldwide, but still has a long way to go

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Though eBay is present in many different global markets, from the United States and Canada to 12 European regions, and 8 Pacific regions, there are still many untapped territories around the world from different countries that could help eBay to reach greater potential.

According to Oliver Hua, the chief operation officer for eBay South East Asia, Greater China, and Japan, the Indonesian market alone offers a substantial opportunity for eBay, considering the 95 million shoppers around the world who are interested in trends such as Penn Olson, Willis Wee, and the Asian Tech Catalog.

Hua explained that eBay is playing the role of an e-commerce industry pioneer, but that “we really feel that e-commerce still has much room to grow globally; in Indonesia, many people are using their mobile phones to purchase online.”


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Hua further expressed that one of the most important upcoming trends for e-commerce with eBay will be mobile apps and other mobile device-related opportunities. He also said that the trend for local applications that will allow for price comparisons and local price searches will become highly popular.

Thirdly, he acknowledged the important of social trends such as services like Groupon, which allow businesses to offer lower prices through social group purchasing. Finally, he identified the digital trend as many products – such as content – are becoming digital.

eBay already has approximately 100 million active users. Many of these individuals are using eBay as a secondary income source. As eBay boosts its ability to work with the latest mobile, local, social, and digital trends, its members will be better able to take advantage of more opportunities around the world.

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