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As yet another indicator that m-commerce has gone mainstream, eBay Inc. is now advertising that its fashion branch is available through a mobile app that will allow consumers to perform eBay fashion searches and shop at any time and in any place.

eBay has been observing the increasing trend to shop by way of smartphones and isn’t about to miss out on this growing opportunity. The following are some other notable figures about eBay’s entry to mobile.

• In the third quarter of 2011, there were three mobile purchases made at eBay around the world every second.

• There have been over 50 million eBay apps downloaded around the world.

• The RedLaser bar code scanning app from eBay has experienced over 14 million downloads worldwide.

• eBay has forecasted almost $5 billion in m-commerce sales in 2011.

• By the third quarter of this year, there were approximately 117,000 auto parts and accessories sold through the iPhone apps for eBay every week.

• In the United States, the most popular day of the week for mobile eBay shopping is Sunday, and the most common time is between 6pm and 7pm.

• Last year on “Mobile Sunday”, the name that eBay gave the Sunday of the Thanksgiving Weekend, was the first day that the sales through m-commerce truly took off, having brought in almost $5 million in sales on that day alone.

M-Commerce has become a serious shopping channel, as almost half of all mobile phones in the country are smartphones.

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