eBay believes 2012 will bring significant growth in mobile shopping

eBay mobile payments

eBay mobile shopping
eBay has announced its predictions for 2012, which include $7 billion in total mobile payment volume, as well as $8 billion in gross mobile merchandise volume.

These figures were drawn from a speech at the Las Vegas CES conference made by John Donahoe, the CEO at eBay. They have risen notably from those that were announced last year, and they indicate the upward direction of m-commerce for the largest online marketplace in the world.

At the same time, the company also revealed that PayPal had far exceeded the predictions that had been made for 2011. The total mobile payment volume was $4 billion, while the gross mobile merchandise volume for eBay was $5 billion.


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According to PayPal’s senior director of global communications and experiential marketing, Amanda Pires, “Consumers are using their mobile phones more and more to shop anytime and anywhere.”

She added that consumers are looking to eBay and PayPal’s mobile offerings on an increasing basis in order to benefit from the “great shopping experience” as well as a quick and secure payment method. The company already has millions of customers around the world and its brands have already established their place as a trusted online service. This makes them a natural place for these consumers to go while using their mobile devices.

Furthermore, Pires said, they are expecting that a number of their retail clients will begin offering their own mobile optimized shopping experiences, beyond the large number that have already done so. She feels that this will be a steadily growing trend.

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