eAgile and Avery Dennison join forces to promote NFC technology

NFC Technology Business Cards

NFC Business Cards

The NFC industry has become wildly popular with businesses and consumers, but the availability of the technology has been somewhat scarce. Companies like Nokia are working to resolve the issue by developing new smart phones that make use of the technology. eAgile Inc. and Avery Dennison RFID, two companies specializing in RFID products, have teamed to promote NFC technology. The partnership will produce a wide variety of promotional products that businesses will be able to use to make consumers more comfortable with using NFC.

NFC technology is easy to use, but consumers have yet to gain extensive hands-on experience with the technology. Despite this lack of experience, the demand for the technology is apparent, leading eAgile and Avery Dennison to develop ways to bring the technology to those that really want to use it. The companies are currently working on ways to embed NFC-enabled chips into printed promotional materials as well as mobile devices.

Both companies boats of decade’s worth of experience in the RFID field. Both NFC and RFID share the same basic technologic principles, making it easy for the companies to adopt the technology and begin working on ways to expand its popularity. The companies believe that NFC will play a major role in the future of mobile technology, as it enables businesses and consumers to engage with one another in a more dynamic way that has been impossible in the past.

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