Users can create DuckDuckGo QR codes let users share links

DuckDuckGo QR Codes - woman holding phone and using laptop

The barcodes make it easier for users to share the URLs they like with their friends.

DuckDuckGo QR codes have now launched to make it easier for mobile web surfers to share a link they like with friends they think will benefit from it.

Quick response codes have become immensely popular as the pandemic forced contact-free interactions.

While the type of idea behind the DuckDuckGo QR codes is far from unique – other search engines and even browsers offer this type of feature – it is only more recently that mobile users have been likely to scan. These square barcodes have been around for some time now and have been steadily ignored in many types of advertising, marketing and even games.

That said, since the pandemic has propelled them into everyday use, they are being rolled out in a much larger spectrum of purposes. The reason is that consumers are now far more likely to use them. While they were just an ugly little black barcode before, they are now viewed as a useful tool that is familiar and easy to use.

The DuckDuckGo QR codes are meant to provide a faster and easier way to share links on mobile.

Users can also use this feature to share a link from a computer screen to a mobile device. In this way, all they need to do is display the quick response code on the laptop screen. A smartphone or tablet can then be used to scan the barcode and access the webpage it shared.

Scanning the barcode transfers all the necessary information from the PC to the mobile device, automatically directing the user to the intended webpage destination. This is all accomplished without having to type out the site manually, search for it separately on a mobile browser, or email it to themselves.

It should be acknowledged that there are still some times when very short URLs or extremely simple searches can be conducted manually on a mobile device. That said, DuckDuckGo QR Codes - woman holding phone and using laptopfor the sake of eliminating complex steps or removing the need to type out lengthy URLs on a touchscreen keyboard, the DuckDuckGo QR codes can provide exactly what a user needs for ease and convenience.

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