Dubai police will be using augmented reality in the near future

google glass wearable technology

Law enforcement turns to Google Glass to help identify suspected criminals

Law enforcement in Dubai are about to get very high-tech. The city’s police will soon be equipped with Google Glass, an upcoming augmented reality device that aims to change the way people see the world around them. The excitement surrounding Glass has diminished somewhat over the past year, but the device aims to be one of the most revolutionary AR headsets in the world, once t is eventually released.

AR is gaining traction in the field of law enforcement

Augmented reality could be a powerful tool for law enforcement. In the U.S. the Federal Bureau of Investigation is bolstering its facial recognition database, hoping to have 52 million entries by next year. An augmented reality device can access this database, helping the user immediately identify anyone they are looking at. The Dubai police force hopes to use Google Glass in this way.

Software will help law enforcement personnel identify wanted persons

google glass wearable technologyGlass will be using software that has been developed by the Dubai police. This software will access a facial recognition database that will allow law enforcement personnel to identify a connection between suspects and wanted persons. Glass will be implemented in a series of phases, with the first phase being used to track vehicles that are suspected of having involvement in traffic violations. During the second phase, Glass will be put to use by detectives working with the Dubai police. Each pair of Glass will cost approximately $1,500.

Augmented reality is becoming more practical as it distances itself from novelty applications

Augmented reality has often been seen as a novelty technology that has vast entertainment potential. The technology has been seeing more practical use, however, especially in the law enforcement and medical fields. Doctors are beginning to use AR technology to assist in complicated medical procedures that require a great deal of accuracy and focus. As AR sees more practical use, it may be able to break away from its novelty aspects and be taken more seriously as a powerful technology.

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