Drivers licenses in Davao City to feature official QR code

Official QR Code - Image of Driver's License

The city in the Philippines is working to make it easier to report traffic violations.

Davao City in the Philippines is adding official QR code features to public utility vehicle (PUV) drivers licenses and identifications. That way, the public will find it easier to report traffic violations they have witnessed.

The Public Utility Vehicle licenses and IDs will all have a special quick response code.

Each official QR code will be unique to that particular driver. That way, if a member of the public scans the barcode to make a report, the driver’s information will automatically be submitted. Any time the QR code scans occur, the complaints are sent to the Davao City Government. The complaints are meant to be regarding traffic violations.

This new feature was announced by the head of the Davao City Transportation and Traffic Management Office (CTTMO), Dionisio Abude. Abude explained the addition of the QR codes to the IDs.

“This is the first time in Davao because it is made by our Davao City Information Technology, they made the system,” said Abude.

All members of the public need to scan the official QR code is a reader app available for free.

“The passenger can take the picture of the code, and then scan it to reveal the driver’s identity, the ID number and the date of the issuance. There is also a space to leave a message if the passenger wants to file a complaint,” added Abude. He also pointed out that those individuals can provide their phone numbers if they want updates from the CTTMO regarding their complaints.

Using this technology will give traffic personnel on the field the opportunity to easily discover how many times a PUV driver has committed a violation. Abude stated that nearly 19,000 PUV identification cards containing the quick response codes have been issued. There remain another 8,000 IDs which need to be distributed.

Those identification cards already feature the official QR code. The drivers merely need to be present to claim them. Abude said those who have not yet claimed their IDs are probably the people who have not presented the franchise of their vehicle. “Franchise is part of the requirements for the release of ID, this is according to the Traffic Code,” he clarified.

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