Domino’s Pizza uses augmented reality offers to boost food sales

Augmented Reality Advertising

Augmented Reality Advertising
Domino’s Pizza, which has already been testing the waters of mobile marketing for some time now, has started a new campaign that includes the use of augmented reality, to add a whole new dimension to its latest 555 pizza offer.

To be able to offer smartphone users the augmented reality experience, Domino’s used the Blippar app. It is now available on posters at over 6,000 locations across the U.K.

According to the Domino’s Pizza multimedia manager, Nick Dutch, the new 6-sheet posters let the company advertise their 555 deal, as they also allowing the users of smartphones “to engage with Domino’s on a deeper level to find out more about offers and menus from local stores and join us on Facebook.”

The campaign has been created to be able to reach customers while they’re already out walking on the street so that they can be reminded of the deal and that they can either walk into a restaurant to pick up some pizza or have it delivered directly to their homes. Dutch added that the company is using this mobile technique to bridge the gap between the online and offline environments, and he said that Blippar provides an exciting and fast way of accomplishing this goal.

He also went on to say that Domino’s Pizza is continually seeking new and innovative methods of reaching their customers in an engaging way, through the use of the latest techniques and technologies that are most relevant to those consumers. He explained that Blippar and other mobile tools are a natural opportunity for this effort.

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