Disney patent details new augmented reality system

Augmented Reality Cakes

Augmented Reality Cakes

Disney showing more interest in augmented reality

Disney is, once again, showing its keen interest in augmented reality technology. A recent patent application from the acclaimed company has been released, detailing Disney’s new augmented reality initiative, which targets food as a major platform. According to the patent, Disney aims to paint interactive movies and imagery on edible products, making consumption a more engaging activity for anyone using the system. Such a system could transform events, such as birthdays, into more dynamic spectacles.

New augmented reality system would be based on food products

Earlier this year, Disney Research, the technology arm of the company, introduced the REVEL augmented reality system. This system is being designed to bring textile sensation to the digital world. While REVEL will not be used in Disney’s new augmented reality project, the same principles of introducing sensory information to a consumer are coming into play. The patent suggests that interactive images could have a significant impact on how people experience their food and could even be used to help people eat healthier.

System would make food interactive

Currently, the patent represents a concept rather than a physical product. According to the patent, the augmented reality system would make use of a projector positioned above a flat-surface cake. Digital imagery would be generated by an augmented reality platform housed within a computer, which would power the interactive games and experiences that would take place on the cake. While the patent shows that the system can be used with a cake, it also suggests that other food products can be used as well.

Disney has yet to established concrete plans for the new system

Disney has been showing more interest in augmented reality recently. This interest is largely due to the technology’s potential in the realm of entertainment. Disney’s latest patent may be an allusion of future projects that will make use of the technology in an innovative way. Disney has not yet stated whether it would pursue the development of an  augmented reality system that is based on food.

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