Developers of Android apps can create products for Google TV ahead of 2011’s upcoming hardware


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Google has announced a new preview version of its Android Software Development Kit (SDK) Google TV add-on, which is a software element that will give developers the ability to create apps for Google TV.

Google TV for Android has been in operation since October 2010, and was met with a great deal of hype. That launch included significant hardware partners such as Logitech, Dish Network, Sony, and Intel. That said, retail sales weren’t quite what had been hoped for.

The purpose of Google TV was to join the internet and television in a single device and to permit third party developers for Android apps to develop products that could be used by Google TV viewers no matter where they’re watching. Unfortunately, because Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) experienced a premature release, and content providers disliked the platform, it was not able to achieve those goals right away.


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Android developers had been instructed to anticipate the add-on for Google TV in early 2011, but that deadline continued to be pushed along as Google realized that Android required more time to improve. That said, the day has finally come, and the add-on is now available for developers to begin creating their Google TV apps. It will require the use of Android 3.1 API 12 or more recent.

According to Google, the Android Market will only include apps in its Google TV category if those apps include a manifest file that shows that they will be compatible with devices for Google TV. The internet giant also said that users should be careful not to expect that some apps such as those meant to measure mileage, will function on Google TV devices.

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