Denso is at it again with QR codes scanning sophistication

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The company has launched a new reader mobile app that is designed to work even with small codes.

Denso Wave Inc has maintained a consistent spot in the news with its innovations surrounding QR codes, and it has recently stepped up its efforts, yet again, by releasing a new mobile app that it has simply called “Q”.

This barcode reader application is designed to make quick response codes more simple and accessible to scanners.

Near the end of last year, QR Code Press reported on the FrameQR platform that Denso had launched. In the article “QR codes in a ‘Frame’ style launched by Denso,” the company provided marketers and other barcode users with a way to make their pixilated squares far more appealing so that they could more easily be incorporated into images and visual advertising. Now, the company has taken a look at the side of the scanner, to ensure that that experience is as appealing as possible, as well.

The new app allows QR codes to be scanned very quickly, regardless of small size or sophistication.

qr codes shoppingAccording to Satoshi Maezaki, a Denso Wave Inc. QR code promotion team member, “This smartphone app ‘Q’ enables you to read not only FrameQR which is newly developed by us but also barcodes and QR codes very quickly.” Maezaki also pointed out that the mobile barcode reader app also includes a range of different functions, such as a QRcode generator and an augmented reality player.

In this way, smartphone users will be able to use Q for a far broader range of functions than the traditional reader app, as it also provides barcode creation and can display an AR experience. In essence, it brings together three different experiences in a single application, where they are typically kept separate.

So far, the reviews that have been accumulating for this app for QR codes have been quite positive both at the Google Play store as well as on Apple’s iTunes. The app is also available in French and German language versions, beyond its main English option, which has been gaining the most attention, so far.

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