Demographics behind mobile commerce are varied

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Research highlights the diversity within the mobile payments spends

Mobile commerce demographics in the United Kingdom are quite diverse. According to research from EPiServer, those participating in mobile shopping and payments come from a varied group with equally varied walks of life. When it comes to new forms of commerce and technology, the common consensus is that adoption and participation is highest among younger consumers. That is not always the case, however, especially in the United Kingdom.

Mobile commerce is most common among millennials than any other demographic

According to the research from EPiServer, the majority of those that own a smartphone and tablet device fall between the ages of 25 and 34. Device ownership among those aged 18 to 24 is quickly growing. Older consumers have older mobile devices, but they are still participating in mobile commerce in a significant way. Millennials are considered to be the chief demographic when it comes to mobile payments, however.


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Spending from mobile devices is increasing and consumers appear to favor tablet devices when shopping online

QR Code mobile commerce emographicsMobile spending is highest among Android users in the UK. The Android platform accounts for 44% of all mobile payments made throughout the country, with iOS devices making up 38% of mobile spending. Smartphones account for the majority of mobile commerce activity, but tablet devices are beginning to see more support from consumers. People seem to favor these devices when shopping online because of their larger screens. An estimated 76% of iPad users shop online from their tablet device and make regular monthly purchases from it as well.

Businesses may have to change their engagement strategies in order to effectively connect with newer generations of consumers interested in mobile payments

As mobile commerce become more popular, it is important to understand the demographics powering growth in this sector. A better understanding of this information can help businesses find greater degrees of success in their mobile initiatives. As mobile commerce grows, consumer demographics are likely to change. Millennials are likely to continue heavily participating in mobile commerce, but how digital platforms engage newer generations of consumers will likely change over the coming years.

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