Demand for AR in the medical field is on the rise, more surgeons making use of technology to overcome obstacles

mobile health Augmented Reality Health Industry

Augmented Reality Health Industry
When people think about augmented reality, they rarely imagine the technology beyond its applications in terms of games and advertising. Indeed, it has only been very recently that the technology has been getting any mainstream attention, due mostly to its adoption by big-name technology companies and game designers. AR has been around for decades, however, and has been playing a major role in the medical field. As the technology becomes more advanced and complex, demand for augmented reality in the health care industry is on the rise.

Technology has been the key to success in the medical field. It has turned what was previously impossible possible. This is most apparent in the surgical field, where computer-assisted surgeries have been met with success. While machines can scarcely replace the hands of a surgeon, using virtual reality, they have been able to better navigate the human body in all its complexity.

Augmented reality has served surgeons well in this regard. AR is a dynamic technology capable of adapting to changing situations quickly, often, without error. The technology also allows for doctors to get an accurate view of the inner workings of a person, as the interactive overlays projected by the program react as though they were real.


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The demand for these technologies is on the rise in the U.S. as AR’s capabilities become more advanced, according to a report from Kalorama Information, a market research firm specializing in the medical field. A summary of the report can be found here.

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