Tech Challenges That Charities Face and How They Can Be Overcome By Google Ad Grants

charities and how Google Ad Grants can help

A few years ago, it would have been unheard of for a charity to use digital platforms to procure donations for their cause and cement their continued success. However, now, most charities have to use technology in some way if they want to run effectively. Due to this, charities are now facing a lot of tech challenges that they may find difficult to overcome. Then, here is how Google Ad Grants can help your charity face some of the biggest hurdles in its history.   Digital Marketing Issues Although many charities…

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Massive train station QR code reminds people to recycle

QR code Scan Me- Train Station

The display is located just outside Birmingham New Street Station in the United Kingdom. A huge QR code display was temporarily installed outside a train station in the United Kingdom with the purpose of reminding people to recycle. The barcode was made with materials train riders frequently forget can go into the recycling bin. The QR code display was placed outside Birmingham New Street Station as a launch to Recycle Week. It served as a reminder of the things that people frequently throw into the trash cans when they are…

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