The Ultimate Video Marketing Guide for 2022

Today’s business landscape is far more sophisticated than it was just a few years ago. If you don’t stay updated with the trend, you will miss the opportunity to win. Video is a crucial marketing tool that many businesses are still underutilizing. Any marketing plan that does not include video marketing is bound to fail these days. Introduction to video marketing and how does it work? In its simplest form, video marketing is the use of video to connect with new and current audiences. You may utilize video in marketing…

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Indestructible Earth’s Black Box to gather a record of climate data for humanity

Black Box - Climate Change

The massive structure is meant to be able to outlive humankind in the hopes that it won’t have to. Earth’s Black Box is being built in the Australian state of Tasmania to gather a record of open-source climate data stored in an indestructible structure the size of a bus. The recorders within the structure will store any new climate publications, headlines or even tweets. Every time new climate research is published, Earth’s Black Box will record it. It will also take in all news headlines, tweets and other content on…

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