Why Car Tech Is Important For Our Safety

In the modern era, vehicles are an essential part of our daily lives. The development of vehicle technology has made our path more smooth and safe. Nowadays we are getting acquainted with all the new car safety technologies as a result of the increasing development of vehicles. Car manufacturers have developed groundbreaking technologies such as cross-traffic alerts, blind-spot alerts, and radar-based collision avoidance systems to make cars safer. Indeed, all the sophisticated technologies of car manufacturing companies make our travel safer and allow us to enjoy a journey in comfort.…

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Mobile wallets using NFC technology need new regulations, says Dutch market authority

NFC technology - mobile wallet payments

The Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets wants updates to contactless technology access regulations. Dutch market authority Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) is calling for new rules to control anticompetitive practices in NFC technology using mobile payments apps such as Apple Pay. The ACM is seeking changes to the rules following an access investigation it recently conducted. The ACM issued a media release in which it stated its concerns regarding NFC technology mobile payments apps access and making a call for a change in regulations. “The Netherlands Authority…

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