Pinterest marketing tips that will turn pins into profits

Pinterest marketing

Register for this webinar + a free *ebook and discover exactly how to transform your social media strategy. While you’ve been focusing on trying to figure out Facebook and Twitter, the right Pinterest marketing tips have been sitting in front of you, mainly – if not entirely – ignored. This is unfortunate, as this is the best social network for you to be if you want to reach a targeted audience. Fortunately though, QR Code Press is bringing you a free webinar replay that will help you to understand exactly…

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Top 3 stress reduction tips using easy work-from-home organization

Spending so much time in the same space can cause tension and anxiety to rise but getting organized helps. There are tons of stress reduction tips circulating the internet right now, as the year and all its various challenges continue to pile on. For many people, working from home has only added to those tensions. Fortunately, the act of getting organized in some basic ways can take a lot of the pressure off. Getting organized doesn’t have to be as daunting as it sounds, when you use the right tips.…

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Sellers can now use eBay QR codes to print shipping labels

eBay QR codes - QR Code on package

The barcodes make it possible for the sellers to receive labels from participating postal outlets. New eBay QR codes were recently launched to help make it easier for sellers to print out their shipping labels without having to do so from home. Sellers could use the quick response codes to print at participating post offices and shipping retailers. The idea is to allow sellers generate the eBay QR codes, which can be found in the marketplace’s Shipping Labels feature, then receive each individual barcode by email. Once the seller heads…

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