Cyber security may be in for some change in 2015

Mobile marketing cyber Security

Cyber attacks place more focus on security

In 2014, various cyber attacks made headlines and attracted attention throughout the world. These attacks led to serious financial damage for companies that were targeted and saw the personal information of millions of people stolen. While cyber attacks are nothing new, there were many high-profile attacks targeting large companies, like JPMorgan, in 2014. This may have revitalized the focus in the cyber security sector, especially as mobile technology begins to play a bigger role in society.

Cyber security may become more defined in 2015

In 2015, new trends in the cyber security field are expected to emerge. One of these trends will have to do with the actual definition of what cyber security is. Cyber security is part of the larger information security spectrum. In the coming year, cyber protection is likely to become more nuanced, with security professionals specializing in certain aspects of the cyber world rather than the entirety of it. Information security is expected to continue expanding, covering a wide range of issues that exist in the digital space.

Passwords may soon be a thing of the past

Mobile marketing cyber SecurityAnother trend that has already started to emerge is the end of passwords. For years, passwords have served as the best way to protect a person’s information online. This may no longer be the case, however, as malicious parties are finding ways to easily crack passwords or steal them entirely. For some, passwords are not even needed, as they can find other ways into a person’s personal accounts online. With the introduction of biometric technology, such as finger print scanners, in mobile devices, the need for passwords is shrinking.

Cyber security may become more aggressive in the coming years

The coming year may see a major shift in the cyber security world. Companies that specialize in security are likely to become more aggressive when dealing with threats. Increased aggression may be needed, as malware and other harmful software are becoming more sophisticated. Malicious groups are also beginning to target vulnerable sectors, such as mobile commerce, that have not yet become resilient against cyber attacks.

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