Convenient store chain launches its own mobile payments app and loyalty initiative

Wawa Convenience Store mobile payments

Wawa launches new application that can support mobile payments

Wawa, a convenient store chain that is based in the eastern United States, has launched its own mobile application that supports payments and serves as a connection to the company’s loyalty program. The new application is designed to appeal to mobile consumers that are interested in making payments from their smartphones. The new app will be supported by Wawa’s 680 stores along the eastern United States and may serve as a way for the company to effectively engage mobile consumers.

Wawa may be following the example laid out by Starbucks

Wawa appears to be following the example that has been laid out by other retailers in the mobile commerce space, particularly Starbucks. Over the past few years, Starbucks has established itself as a leading company in the mobile payments sector. The company managed to do this by connecting its mobile commerce platform with its loyalty program, thereby rewarding people for shopping and making purchasing from their mobile devices. Wawa’s initiative is similar to this, creating an incentive for people to participate in mobile shopping.

Mobile commerce platform is linked with company’s loyalty program

Wawa Convenience Store mobile paymentsThe mobile payments supported by the new application will be gift card based. Users of the application can purchase gift cards from Wawa, or receive them as gifts, and use these cards to purchase products with their mobile devices. The application includes an automatic reload feature, allowing users to add funds to the gift cards that they have associated with the app. Making purchases with the app will also reward users with digital points, which can be used to redeem loyalty rewards.

Retailers are finding new ways to effectively engage mobile consumers

Retailers that link mobile commerce initiatives with loyalty programs have found significant success in the past. Doing this provides consumers with a valuable incentive for participating in mobile commerce. By offering these people a reward for shopping from a mobile device, retailers have managed to find an effective way to engage a consumer base that has often been seen as fickle.

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