Is content marketing about to be flipped on its head by artificial intelligence?

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Google recently implemented one of the largest shifts search has undergone in years

A substantial component of content marketing has involved keeping up with the latest moves Google has made in its algorithm.  This has already changed the shape of search engine results pages (SERPs) and the experience they provide to users.

Marketers are scrambling to rethink key parts of their strategies

While small businesses that have been implementing their own content marketing strategies had been nervous at first, many are finding that the impact isn’t as harmful as they thought it might be. In fact, some have seen improvements in the results they are achieving in SERPs for some of their most important keywords.

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“We were definitely nervous at first,” said Amanda Giasson, a freelance writer who specializes in content marketing, and who co-authors the Perspective book series and its official website. “We’ve always used solid SEO [search engine optimization] strategies for our website,” she explained. “We haven’t fallen into the trap of always trying to change everything each time there’s news that Google will be overhauling its algorithm. Admittedly, that has hurt our results once or twice. But more recently, focusing on organic use of keywords and relevant copy on our site has worked in our favor. This was especially true in the latest update.”

Content marketing isn’t what it used to be, and Google wants it that way

Following the latest update, SERPs aren’t just a list of links for search engine users. Instead, many are being topped with an AI box that has drawn information from throughout the web, providing a summary of those results and offering the user the information right there on the results page, without the need to click. 

Though this has made many content marketing specialists uncomfortable, Giasson seems optimistic about where it will take her career and her own website.

“It’s a big change, sure,” Giasson said. “But that’s nothing new. For those of us who have been doing this for a while, sudden changes and new developments are par for the course. The job I’m doing today is essentially unrecognizable from what it was when I first got started. It’s so much better. As long as I keep focusing on creating content relevant to the user, not the algorithm, the rest will increasingly take care of itself. AI is getting good at understanding. The days of keyword stuffing for SEO are long past. Anyone willing to focus on quality will only benefit because they’ll give users a reason to find them, not just stop at the blurb at the top of the search results.”

It’s all about falling down rabbit holes

According to Google, it is providing users ways to obtain fast answers to quick questions. The websites, like Giasson’s book series site, will remain the sources of further information. 

“Who knows what it will actually mean for search,” said Giasson. “Content marketing is an area that is always evolving. But it’s always best to learn the tools, understand the changes, and anticipate what users will want next. Revamping a strategy right away every time something new rolls out just isn’t the way anymore. It hasn’t been for quite some time.”

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