Consumers are using mobile commerce for diet pills and wellness solutions

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Intechra Health is among the companies in the weight loss industry that are leading the way with mobile technology.

According to recent statistics, the health and wellness industry – particularly in the weight loss sector – have been able to profoundly benefit from growing mobile commerce trends in which smartphone and tablet users are searching for diet pills and dieting programs and solutions.

These searches are driven by the most common mobile shopping behaviors, including product comparisons, price comparisons, and reviews. According to Intechra Health Inc, if a company within this industry wants to be able to keep up with the expectations of their consumers, then mobile commerce is not just an added feature: it is a necessity.

Search Agency statistics show that 1 out of every 4 searches is conducted over a mobile device.

James Laska, the president of Intechra Health Inc. explained that “A growing number of consumers are using their smartphones and other mobile devices to shop online and perform price comparison searches.  Our entire website is mobile-friendly to ensure that customers will always be able to access the information and support that they need about our products, regardless of their preferred device.”

Google stats would agree, as they indicate that when seeking to accomplish a goal, 90 percent of people toggle among their various devices, including PCs, tablets, and smartphones, among others. McPowered data pointed out that 30 percent of mobile commerce using consumers will abandon a transaction if the experience has not been properly optimized for their device. This is an important figure to recognize as a Latitude study showed that 63 percent of consumers intend to shop more often over m-commerce in the very near future.

Mobile commerce and diet pills

Intechra Health has ensured that mobile commerce shoppers can learn about and compare diet pills with ease.

The mobile optimized Intechra Health homepage allows consumers to view and compare the entire range of diet pills that the company has to offer. This makes it possible for customers to use their laptops, tablets, or smartphones to learn more about weight loss products such as the popular: FENFAST 375, PHENBLUE, TRIMTHIN X700, or APEX-TX5. Moreover, it respects the fact that many consumers prefer to begin their shopping on one device before they continue their learning, comparing, or even purchasing over the next one.

Among the most popular trends, at the moment, is to research diet pill reviews and comparisons over a smaller screen device and then move to a larger one to make the actual purchase. Therefore, when it comes to weight loss pills, keeping up with what consumers want means allowing them to learn about the best options for their needs before they switch to another device where they will complete the transaction.

4 Thoughts to “Consumers are using mobile commerce for diet pills and wellness solutions”

  1. After Mobile-Geddon, Google has changed the way that the entire world sees shopping. Companies that are mobile friendly and optimized will be the ones to lead the way, while those that haven’t realized how important smartphones are to searches will just fall behind.

  2. Jules

    Good for Intechra Health and other diet and wellness companies that have kept up with what consumers actually want. It is frustrating try to use a site that isn’t optimized over a smartphone. This is a reflection of a company’s willingness to keep up with what its customers actually want.

  3. Mindy

    It’s interesting to see that while people like to use their mobile devices for research, they still prefer to buy the products on their computer.

  4. Diet pills are just like anything else that you want to buy online. Most of the time, people shop around on their phones, but when it comes to actually buying, it’s easier on a bigger screen like a tablet or a safer one like a PC. So if a healthy lifestyle and wellness site of whatever kind doesn’t get mobile friendly, it’s pretty much suicide nowadays.

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