ConnectMe QR unveils its editor for barcodes and mobile sites

ConnectMe QR Code Video

ConnectMe QR, a mobile marketing company, has just unveiled its new subscription service for a QR code package, as well as its mobile website.

These new services are expected to receive a significant boost with the update of their advanced QR code and mobile site editor, called mCard. This is designed to help small businesses and individuals to create, maintain, and manage their own mobile marketing sites, providing them with the opportunity to compete within the mobile marketplace, which is an arena that is currently dominated primarily by large corporations.

The mCard from ConnectMe QR subscription comes with a unique QR code and a URL which provides its customers with the flexibility they need to attract visitors both online and over the mobile channel.


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A ConnectMe QR subscription brings the following:

• An mCard mobile website with ConnectMe QR hosting
• Customization and content control capabilities with text, banner images, and icons
• A unique QR code that can be displayed on printed materials such as business cards
• Nine different links that can cater specifically to clients seeking the website, service by phone, email, social media, and a map.
• A unique web address that allows the QR code and mobile site to be shared digitally
• Access to the mCard site 24/7 with changes and edits that are applied immediately.

The chief marketing officer of the company, Keoki Trask, said that it is dedicated to “constant and never-ending improvement in our quest to bring QR codes and mobile marketing solutions to the general public and small business owners.”

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