ComScore report shows the rise of QR codes and provides insights to their successful use

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ComScore, a market and research firm that specializes in digital business analytics has released a new report titled “2012 Mobile Future in Focus.” The report aims to provide insight as to why QR codes are becoming so popular and where they are seeing the most success. Indeed, the codes have become a popular method of mobile marketing in the U.S. and Europe, mimicking the rise to fame the barcodes experienced in the Asian markets. ComScore believes that the popularity of the codes will continue to grow, meaning that more companies will be more likely to use them.

As more companies begin to adopt the codes, ComScore has seen a rise in improper use of the technology. Many companies are falling for the hype that the codes are easily incorporated into a marketing campaign and often do not take the time to test the codes appropriately. As such, these codes are often non-functional, providing consumers with a lackluster experience or one that will encourage them to avoid the codes entirely.

The report aims to examine where companies are using the codes successfully and where companies are struggling with execution. The report also provides some simple tips on making a QR code campaign successful. ComScore’s report is available for free from the company’s website and is one of several similar reports the firm has released over the years.

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