Commerce has gone mobile and it’s time to join in

Mobile Commerce

Mobile commerce for every business type budget

Mobile Commerce

Though there continues to be an increasing amount of attention paid to online commerce, many companies are overlooking the true trend that is currently in the middle of an explosion, and that is mobile.

It seems that with every passing day, consumers are being provided with a new way to use their devices to enhance their mobile shopping experience, whether that be by scanning a QR code on a bus shelter or magazine ad, performing a price comparison with a specialized app, downloading a song or a game, or buying a product through a mobile optimized website’s shopping cart.

Aside from the concerns that have been legitimately raised regarding data and privacy management, the positives for mobile commerce remain strong enough that consumers are willing to join in, and they are spending their money when they do.

Among the more popular trends in mobile commerce are: vouchers, ticketing, payments, banking, as well as a number of other services. This is already generating tremendous revenue for the businesses that are engaged in those areas as well as in mobile advertising that caters to those trends. Furthermore, this will also create massive opportunities for the businesses that enable those types of services.

In 2011, there was a tremendous sudden spike in online shopping as smartphones started to gain ground in the feature phone-dominated marketplace and as tablets started to come into their own. According to Nielsen, there was also a 45 percent growth in the number of smartphone owners who use the mobile internet over the last two years.

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