CodeQR launches to provide smartphone users with a secure QR code scanner

CodeQR- smartphone QR code scanner

The goal is to provide a reader app that will help to keep the process of scanning more secure.

Code Corporation has announced the launch of its new CodeQR app, designed to provide smartphone QR code scanning in a safe and secure.

The application is available for free download at both Google Play and the Apple App Store.

The company is among the leaders in barcode scanning and data capture technology. It announced that the CodeQR app is free to both download and use. It can be used for scanning both QR codes and UPC barcodes. It is designed in a way that is meant to be different from other scanner applications by providing additional data privacy safeguarding and overall security to the user.

The added security is achieved by sidestepping the capture, monitor, or transmission of any sensitive information, which differs from the way other barcode scanning apps on the market. Many other applications send the scanned code in addition to other information – such as the GPS coordinates of the user’s phone – to a centralized server when they work. This can leave the user open to having their device infected with malware.

The CodeQR app’s design works differently, removing the opening for malware infection to occur.

“Scanning QR codes in a work environment with untrusted software can expose a company and employees to numerous security threats and enable the data that is scanned to be captured, sold, and potentially used in hacking attacks against users,” explained Code Corporation Senior Product Manager Brian Lampright.

“Multiple customers have been seeking this type of solution and since Code has one of the most trusted barcode scanning technologies in the world, they came to us. Companies can have confidence that the CodeQR app can be freely distributed to employees, knowing that employees and their data are safe from privacy violations, unauthorized data capture, selling the data, exploiting the data and employees, and all other unscrupulous activities that happen in today’s world.”

CodeQR- smartphone QR code scannerAs CodeQR neither captures nor record’s the devices data when the QR code or UPC barcode is decoded, it is not able to sell any of the user data to third parties. Equally, it does not push advertising or malware, helping to secure the privacy of the user.

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