Codee IR platform brings augmented reality to mobile marketing

Codee QR Code

Codee QR Code

Codee announces new image recognition platform

Codee Software, a technology company and augmented reality developer, has announced the release of a new image recognition platform that utilizes augmented reality technology. Called Codee IR, the platform is equipped with a large array of phone and cloud-based image recognition technologies as well as web services. The Codee IR platform will be used by Codee’s mobile applications to recognize a wide assortment of advertisements, logos, and other images. Codee’s new platform may have some powerful implications for mobile marketing.

Codee IR platform aims bring more diversity to the mobile marketing industry

The Codee IR platform is based on the company’s existing QR code infrastructure. This infrastructure has been in use for some time, providing companies with a way to build digital experiences and link them to QR codes. QR codes have become a staple in mobile marketing, but are not free from criticism. Codee notes that one of the most common complaints it receives regarding the codes is that they do not mesh well with high-end advertisements that value form over function. The Codee IR platform may be able to solve this problem.


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Platform makes use of augmented reality to engage consumers

The platform allows companies to build digital experiences that can be linked to images rather than QR codes. Using augmented reality applications, consumers can experience this content without having to scan a code. This is accomplished through image recognition. Augmented reality applications that are linked to Codee will be able to draw upon the vast database of the platform and identify various types of images in a matter of seconds.

Augmented reality continues to be a powerful force in mobile marketing

Augmented reality has established a powerful presence in the mobile marketing industry. The technology allows for more dynamic interaction between companies and consumers and provides consumers access to highly interactive digital content. The Codee IR platform may not dethrone QR codes as a leading mobile marketing tool, but it may provide companies and advertisers with a new way to reach out to tech-savvy consumers.

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