Chunghwa Telecom plans new mobile payments initiative

NFC Mobile Payments System
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NFC Mobile Payments SystemMobile payments are gaining ground throughout Asia

Taiwanese telecommunications company Chunghwa Telecom has been showing some strong interest in mobile commerce lately. The company, like many others in its industry, has been taking note of the growing popularity of mobile commerce throughout Asia. Mobile payments are gaining ground as mobile devices become more readily available to a broader range of consumers throughout Asia. Chunghwa believes that the time is right to establish itself in the mobile commerce field and has targeted both QR codes and NFC technology in order to do so.

Company plans to combine QR codes with NFC technology

The telecommunications company has begun planning a new mobile payments service that combines the qualities of NFC technology and QR codes. NFC, in particular, has long been a staple in mobile commerce, forming something of a backbone for mobile payments. The technology helps facilitate mobile payments by transmitting financial information over small distances. QR codes are relatively new to the mobile commerce scene, but have been seeing extensive use in pop-up stores in Asia and Europe.


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Mobile payments to be facilitated through NFC and QR

Chunghwa intends to use NFC-enabled sim cards to enable a wide range of mobile devices to conduct transactions. These NFC-enabled devices would be able to participate in many aspects of mobile commerce, but Chunghwa expects that transit ticketing may be the most popular use of the technology. QR codes are expected to be used to initiate mobile payments. These codes would be associated with certain products or services and would allow consumers to make a payment when scanned witha  smartphone or tablet.

Chunghwa expects success with new initiative

Chunghwa expects that its new mobile payments initiative may be up and running in a year. The company has taken a somewhat ambitious approach to the issue of mobile payments through its focus on both QR codes and NFC technology. NFC technology is one of the most popular options in mobile commerce, but the current lack of NFC-enabled mobile devices has made it difficult for a wide range of consumers to participate in mobile payments.

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