Chinese restaurants embrace QR codes

QR codes scanning success

Restaurants use QR codes to spread information

QR codes are often used for marketing purposes, but the codes can also be powerful information distribution tools. The codes are easy to produce and can typically be created for free through a wide variety of online resources. This makes QR codes quite attractive for organizations looking to engage consumers, especially those that have become reliant on their mobile devices. In China, the codes are beginning to gain more attention when it comes to information distribution.

Food safety information made accessible through use of QR codes

Some 7,533 restaurants in the Haidian District have adopted QR codes. These restaurants are using the codes to make food safety information more available to consumers. When the codes are scanned with a smartphone or tablet, they allow consumers to download food safety information and associated mobile applications. The applications can be used to access information concerning certain food items as well as showcase how meals are prepared and where restaurants obtain their ingredients.

QR codes scanning successCodes provide insight into restaurant history

The QR codes are not only able to provide consumers with information concerning the food that restaurants serve, of course, as they also provide information on the restaurants themselves. By scanning the codes, consumers can find out the history of an establishment and discover whether a restaurant has introduced certain additives into their food products. The codes also allow consumers to discover whether a restaurant has breached food safety regulations in the past. Much of this information is already available to the public, but the codes are expected to make it easier for consumers to access this information.

QR codes becoming somewhat common in China

QR codes are already quite common throughout Asia, but most are used for marketing campaigns. The codes are most common in Japan, where they were first developed in the 1990’s. Chinese consumers have shown some interest in QR codes, but traditional marketing and information distribution tools remain prevalent throughout the country.

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