Chinese mobile games are taking off worldwide

Chinese mobile games

A large number of entertainment apps from the country have made it into the top performing lists.

Last year, Chinese mobile games became truly popular around the globe for the first time. Among the leading 1,000 mobile gaming apps worldwide, publishers from China produced a sizeable 84. The year before, that figure had been 45, showing a striking rise in popularity for those games.

After all, this means there are 80 percent more mobile games from that country in the top 1,000.

Cheetah Mobile produced these statistics through its Cheetah Global Lab and Libra. Cheetah Global Lab had already published data about the growth and popularity of Chinese mobile games earlier in 2016. The firm’s statistics reveal a sizeable increase in the popularity of those game apps in other countries.

That said, it’s still important to note that the number of mobile games published internationally from China remains somewhat low. The global market is led by American and European publishers. Still, despite the relatively small number of global offerings, Chinese mobile gaming apps are seeing massive growth potential.

There were 15 Chinese mobile games categories that worked their way into the top 1,000 globally.

Chinese mobile gamesIn the lead among those categories were the action games. The reason is that publishers don’t need to alter much to localize and translate them into other languages. This allows them to leap past communication and cultural barriers presented in other mobile game categories, said Cheetah Global Lab.

This data suggests that action games are among the easiest for mobile game publishers to release to global markets. They appear to have a greater potential for success outside China, as well.

In fact, the Cheetah Global Lab report statistics suggest that Chinese gaming apps found places of glory among the top 100 in sizeable markets such as the United States, India, Russia, Brazil, Vietnam and Indonesia. Among them, Indonesia, Brazil and India show the best performance for these apps.

This insight can help Chinese mobile games publishers to better understand how to succeed within the global market. It may also assist in strategic planning as Chinese companies expand into other markets worldwide.

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