Chicago launches new QR code campaign to help with emergency preparedness

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The Chicago Office of Emergency Management and Communications (OEMC) has announced that it will be launching a new emergency notification service that utilizes QR codes as a means for information distribution. The new initiative will allow those with smart phones to quickly access information on emergency procedures conducted in the city. While traditionally used for marketing campaigns, QR codes are beginning to gain prominence with cities throughout the U.S. Some have used them to help drive tourism, while others have used the codes to help residents find information regarding public transit times.

The OEMC will begin placing the QR codes throughout Chicago next year. Scanning the codes will take smart phone users to a mobile website where they can find information regarding emergency preparedness. Residents can find tips on how to make their own emergency safety kits and can find out where to go in case of a natural disaster. Residents will also be able to sign up for immediate emergency notifications through the NotifyChicago website, which can be accessed by scanning the QR codes.

OEMC executive Gary Schenkel notes that the QR codes align with the evolving needs of the city. Schenkel believes that the codes can help strengthen Chicago’s fortitude against emergency situations, as the codes will help put vital information in the hands of citizens. The convenience of the codes cannot be doubted, but many people are still unaware what QR codes are and how to use them. The OEMC may attempt to raise awareness in the coming months.

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