Cellum unveils new technology that makes QR codes safer

cellum motion qr codes

New technology brings more security to QR codes

Cellum, a leading developer of mobile payments applications, has revealed new technology that could make QR codes forgery proof. The technology is called “Motion QR” and is meant to make electronic tickets immune to forgery. QR codes have become a popular tool for ticketing and are often used for public transportation purposes as well as for tickets for sporting events. Like physical tickets, electronic tickets are often targeted by malicious groups that seek to make a profit through forgery. Cellum’s new technology could put this problem to rest.

Motion QR aims to solve the problem of forgery

Motion QR is designed to eliminate the need to print our electronic tickets. This feature alone is able to help cut down on the threat of duplication. The technology also improves the authentication process for electronic tickets, allowing ticket holders to identify themselves more quickly and avoid some of the complications that can be associated with older authentication processes. The technology also boasts of improved storage capabilities, allowing mobile devices to function as digital wallets that can store vital information, such as fingerprint scans and loyalty rewards from their favorite retailers.

Security continues to cause concerns for consumers

As the world becomes more focused on mobile technology, the need for security is becoming too significant to ignore. Motion QR leverages breakthrough technology in order to address some of the security issues that have emerged in the advent of mobile technology. Motion QR is designed to store a range of biometric data that can be displayed on the screen of a mobile device in order to verify the identity of the device’s owner. Cellum suggests that displaying this information on a screen makes it immune to forgery.

Cellum may help make people more comfortable with the concept of mobile commerce

Security remains a major issue with many consumers when it comes to mobile technology and new forms of commerce. Many people have expressed disinterest in participating in mobile commerce because they feel that their financial information may be put at risk in doing so. While Motion QR is not designed specifically for mobile payments, the technology could help allay the security concerns that consumers have, making them more likely to purchase electronic tickets for transportation and entertainment events with their mobile devices.

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