Cell phone users prefer their mobile devices to caffeine and sex

cell phone users and mobile additiction cures and stats

Though the growing addiction to cell phones isn’t news to anyone…

What is surprising are the results of a study performed by TeleNav, which identified the extent to which cell phone users would go instead of giving up their mobile devices.

It determined that:

• 54 percent would prefer to live a week without any physical activity than to relinquish their mobile phones – though it was not determined how many were already leading sedentary lives.

• 70 percent stated that they would stop drinking alcohol if it meant that they could keep their cell phones, while 63 percent said the same thing about chocolate, and 55 percent would give up caffeine.


Technology Quotes That Invite Thought - "If your plans don't include mobile, your plans are not finished." - Wendy Clark, Coca-Cola


• One in three participants of the study would rather give up sex than their cell phone for a full week. Among those who were willing to choose sex over their mobile devices, 70 percent were women.

That said, the survey also revealed that as great as the addiction to cell phones may be, there are some limits to the extent to which people will go. Only one in every five people would prefer not to wear shoes than to go without their cell phone. Among those who would prefer to go barefoot in order to keep their mobile device were 25 percent of BlackBerry owners, 27 percent of Android device owners, and 43 percent of iPhone owners.

Among smartphone users, 22 percent said that they would rather go without seeing their significant other for a full week than have to go the same length of time without checking their mobile apps. Comparably, only 14 percent of feature phone owners felt the same way.

Ironically, some options to break the habit or as many referred to addiction of having your phone glued to your side are mobile apps thatcell phone users dealing with phone addiction help with behavior training. For example, a app called FlipD which actually locks you out of certain phone features that you set to be applied and certain times of the day. One of the best features is that you set up a message response template for incoming texts during this resting period and the app also allows 3 phone numbers that you can call or receive. 

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