Canadians look forward to mobile payments

canada mobile commerce users

Mobile commerce continues to grow throughout Canada

Canadian consumers are looking forward to what the future holds for mobile payments, according to a new survey from Rogers Communications, a telecommunications organization in Canada. Mobile commerce has been gaining a great deal of momentum throughout North America in recent years as consumers become more invested in their smartphones and tablets. Retailers and other businesses have been working to adapt to changes in consumer behavior by becoming more mobile themselves and embracing mobile commerce.

Survey highlights expectations from Canadian consumers

canada mobile paymentsAccording to the survey from Rogers Communications, approximately 52% of Canadians own a smartphone and 33% of consumers own a tablet device. The survey shows that these people expect to see major changes in the retail landscape in the future, with 50% of the survey’s respondents noting that they will likely spend more money through their mobile devices. These consumers are expecting to do more shopping online rather than visit physical stores and their mobile devices will play a large role in this trend.

Consumers have high hopes for mobile payments and location-based apps

Approximately 68% of device owners expect to make a purchase from their mobile device in 2014. The majority of the survey’s respondents noted that they expected to make significant use of mobile payments platforms that provide them with special offers. These consumers are also expecting to make use of location-based applications that offer them special deals when they visit a physical store in their area.

Loyalty programs may be big in 2014

Loyalty programs are likely to be a major hit with mobile consumers in 2014, with 72% of the survey’s respondents looking forward to accumulating loyalty rewards from the retailers they favor. Many people are also looking forward to location-based applications coming directly from retailers that encourage mobile payments. These expectations are likely to become a reality as retailers become more aware of the interests that consumers have in the mobile commerce field.

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