Canadian bus shelters decked out in massive headphone QR codes

QR code marketing

QR code marketing

The Dairy Farmers of Canada have launched a unique mobile marketing campaign.

The Canadian cities of Toronto and Halifax are now featuring some uniquely outfitted bus shelters that feature QR codes as a part of their dramatic marketing design.

These bus shelters are a part of the “Recharge with milk” program.

It has been created by the Dairy Farmers of Canada (DFC), and it has been dedicated to showing young athletes how they can use chocolate milk as a part of their post-workout recovery and to educate them regarding the benefits of using this technique.

The bus shelters are designed to “wear” giant headphones that draw attention to their QR codes

They have been designed to work in conjunction with the Recharge Radio app, which can be downloaded by smartphone users for free. These device users can scan the barcodes that are displayed on various parts of the bus shelters. The scan resolves to a downloading option for the application, which provides the user with free workout music.

The headphones, themselves, are only passive, providing decoration and drawing attention to the campaign, but not actually playing music. This is, therefore, not simply a replica of the campaign that occurred earlier in 2012 in Sydney, Australia, where smartphone users could scan QR codes on bus shelters which would then play music from speakers that were built into the small structures.


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The live music campaign in Sydney was met with mixed reviews, as many people found that it was interesting, though others found the gimmick annoying, as the cell phone users could continue to control the music in the shelters no matter where they were, regardless of if they were even in the neighborhood.

The Dairy Farmers of Canada are already known for using popular music, surprising ads, and innovative new methods to attract the attention of consumers and to both remind and educate people about the benefits of drinking milk.

For image of giant headphone campaign:

The QR codes on these bus shelters are only the latest among many different campaigns that the DFC have used to keep on the cutting edge of the marketing world and to make sure that consumers don’t stop paying attention and purchasing dairy products.


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