By 2016, the mobile coupon marketplace will have broken $43 billion

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Juniper Research has released the results of its latest report, which has shown that mobile coupon apps are on the cusp of taking off significantly both in use and redemption.

This same report indicated that coupons are now placed in the middle of payments and ads in terms of popularity, as well as with loyalty programs. It is for that reason that they will be a significant driving factor for the mobile commerce boom among retailers in brick-and-mortar stores.

The analysis only confirms what many experts in mobile commerce have already been saying about its potential.

Google Wallet’s early launch was done in a way that it would hopefully encourage advertisers to expand their marketing strategies to include the mobile marketplace. Moreover the upcoming launch of the mobile payment program that is run by several partners using NFC technology is being planned with the same goals.

There are also companies that are hoping to take advantage of certain mobile technologies, such as Eagle Eye, that is aiming to make smartphones a chip-and-pin payment system participant.

The report stated that techniques for targeted innovation and for knowledge of the user including its working patterns, overall lifestyle, and preferences for gaming and social networking, will open up a large number of additional opportunities for mobile marketers. The report went on to underline the importance of making mobile marketing programs such as discount coupons into an opt-in ecosystem and not a repeat of the overwhelming spam that has been seen with email and that has already harmed the SMS sector.

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