Businesses struggle to find their place with mobile marketing initiatives

Mobile Marketers

Mobile Marketers

Though there is no doubt that mobile marketing is on the upsurge, and it is an important way for many companies to reach their customers, many businesses are struggling to design their strategy using the new technology.

Mobile is becoming highly recognized as an essential part of a marketing mix, but after having only just adopted the internet over the last few years, they are now finding themselves back at the very start of trying to work with a new technology and having to learn the ropes of the capabilities and limitations.

Marketers are rapidly discovering that the way that mobile users interact with their technology is an important part of an effective campaign. Unlike the internet seen on laptops and desktops, with mobile, the medium is just as important as the mechanics of it.

Bulk SMS messaging is no longer considered to be creative enough to make a true impact, and, as it has been abused almost as heavily as email with unsolicited messages, consumers are already being turned off by the method. Now, mobile messaging has to be much more creative, clever, and personal.


Technology Quotes That Invite Thought - "If your plans don't include mobile, your plans are not finished." - Wendy Clark, Coca-Cola


Campaigns are being heavily judged, and unless the consumer feels that the business has been adequately relevant, appealing, and engaging, then it will be a lost cause.

What mobile marketers are trying to express to businesses is that cell phones are becoming a mainstream device. These aren’t “techno-geeks”, but are the average person. They don’t want to receive spam mail or struggle to use a fussy interaction with the limited visibility on the small screen of the device. They want something useful, fresh, and easy.

Mobile marketing and advertising agencies are focusing on the use of the device and reaching the consumer in a customized way. According to CEO and founder of MobiMedia, Tim Legg, this makes mobile phones “potentially the most significant communications channel between advertiser and consumer”.

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