Businesses start to navigate the mobile commerce highways

Mobile Commerce

Mobile Commerce

The word has finally sunk in with businesses, developers, marketers and consumers alike; mobile commerce is a big thing that is here to stay. The trends have been showing that mobile is where it’s at for some time now, and mobile commerce is going to continue to grow.

For months now, marketers and tech geeks alike have been trying to spread the word about the direction that mobile commerce is taking. Most businesses that have been watching the industry know that mobile technology and popularity are exploding much faster than the internet and web technology did.

Almost every business out there has a web site or a landing page. They did this to stay competitive, and because the consumer demanded it. They had to adapt to the newer methods of marketing to survive as a business. The same evolution of technology is upon business owners again.

Smartphone’s, NFC technology and QR Codes, are all terms that everyone has been hearing lately. These things and more are making their way into the m-commerce world and becoming a part of real world businesses as well. This area is going to continue to grow, and the ever-mobile consumer will demand that it does.

Business owners are also seeing how taking advantage of the social media networks are working in their best interests. Posting what their customers say about them on Facebook, Twitter and other social sites, and adding the “like us” to their website pages have catapulted some companies.

Social media is out there to use, and when you consider how many people visit those social sites, you couldn’t ask for a better way to reach a broad, mega market of consumers. Another area that may help small businesses is Cloud hosting services.

Cloud hosting is going to be moving into the mainstream soon, and for businesses that need flexible solutions and web applications this will be worth looking into. Even the United States government may be getting in on the Cloud; providing Cloud based services for all branches of local, state, federal, and tribal offices.

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