Burger King takes a step into the mobile payments field

burger king mobile payments

Burger King prepares to launch new mobile commerce application in coming months

Burger King is preparing to break into the mobile payments space more aggressively with the launch of a new application. The company plans to make this application available within the next few months and it will be supported by more than 7,000 Burger King stores throughout the U.S. Engaging mobile consumers is becoming quite important for a wide range of companies, especially those in the quick service restaurant space. Consumers are becoming more mobile-centric, and businesses that do not offer services that appeal to the interests of these consumers run the risk of losing relevance.

App aims to provide consumers with more convenience when they visit Burger King stores

The application, which is being developed by Tillster Inc., is designed to give consumers the ability to place pre-orders for their meals. This will enable faster in-store pickup, mitigating the amount of time a person has to wait before they can get their food. The application will also provide consumers with a wide range of nutritional information as well as access to special offers from Burger King. Mobile payments are also supported by the application in the form of a virtual payment card. Users can add funds to the virtual card as they please.

Quick service restaurants are showing more interest in mobile commerce

burger king mobile paymentsMobile commerce applications are becoming quite common among fast food companies. McDonald’s is currently testing its own mobile commerce platform at locations in Utah and Texas. Wendy’s is also working to engage the mobile space more effectively through its partnership with the Merchant Customer Exchange, which is a group devoted to promoting the adoption of mobile commerce among businesses.

Engaging mobile consumers can be quite lucrative

Engaging mobile consumers has proven quite beneficial for several companies in the past. Starbucks, for example, has partnered with mobile payments processor Square and has reportedly generated more than $1 billion in profits through mobile commerce alone in 2013. Quick service restaurants, such as Burger King, could find a great deal of support by providing consumers with services that are meant to promote convenience.

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