Brick and mortar businesses never close with mobile commerce tools



Mobile commerce tools for small business owners.

As an ever growing number of consumers are using their mobile devices as a regular part of their shopping experience, brick and mortar businesses are beginning to discover that they will need a mobile optimized website in order to survive, and has now unveiled its latest tool to provide businesses with precisely that capability.

The tool was created by Andrew Burton and Kyle Keske, both of It was designed to allow mobile landing pages to be quickly and easily created by businesses hoping to establish a presence on the mobile web.

According to Andrew Burton, “The explosive growth of smartphones over the past few years has many businesses scrambling to adapt their websites for smaller screens.” He added that “At, we offer a simple alternative: a mobile landing page which you can advertise in print media or use in mobile ad campaigns.”

The issue that many brick and mortar companies are facing is that their sites that have been designed for the regular web are challenging to navigate on smartphones, which have a much smaller screen, and use touch screen and swipe navigation instead of a mouse. On the other hand, when a webpage has been created with, then it is properly designed to be used with a mobile device.

When a consumer loads one of the pages on a smartphone, it offers him or her the vital contact information for the company, as well as the ability to use a phone’s GPS location services to suggest the directions to the nearest store location.

Geske explained that a mobile marketing campaign should include location-aware technology, as it makes it significantly easier for consumers to locate the brick and mortar shop within the real world. Smartphone users are using their devices on an increasing basis for finding local businesses, and will typically perform their searches at the moment that they are ready to act on what they find.

The mobile landing pages that can be created using the tool can be built in a matter of a few minutes. The process itself is quite basic, requiring only the entry of the store’s address. Each mobile website comes with its own URL and QR code to be used in mobile advertising campaigns and print ads.

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