BP sponsors Olympic and Paralympics athletes with new augmented reality campaign

2012 Olympics

2012 Olympics

British Petroleum (BP) America has announced its support for nine U.S. Olympic and Paralympics athletes.  The company has partnered with Bloomberg BusinessWeek to begin distributing virtual trading cards in the BusinessWeek magazine. Smart phone users will be able to download the virtual cards and use them to initiate augmented reality experiences. BP plans to continue this initiative through 2016, as it is one of the energy partners of the U.S. Olympic Committee.

Using the cards, smart phone users can take a glimpse at the daily lives of athletes as they train to compete in the qualifying rounds of the London Olympic Games. BP will provide videos and written content to fans who wish to learn more about their favored athletes. Fans will also be given a chance to interact with the sponsored athletes through a series of Q&A sessions. The hopeful athletes represent the fields of archery, cycling, gymnastics, track and field, and swimming.

BP is using the initiative as a way to build hype for the upcoming Olympic Games, which will begin in July and run into August. Fans will be able to make donations to their favorite athletes through the augmented reality experience.

The athletes that BP is sponsoring are Johnathan Horton, Lolo Jones, Bryan Clay, Rudy Garcia-Tolson, Tatyana McFadden, Matt Stutzman, Rebecca Soni, Sanya Richards-Ross, and Jerome Singleton Jr.

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