Blippar’s new augmented reality platform a big hit with brand and media owners

Blippar augmented reality Mobile App

Blippar Mobile App

Augmented reality developer Blippar has announced the launch of its new “Blipp to Buy” platform. The service is open to brand and media owners who are looking to inject their business with more interactivity for the sake of consumers. Blippar has long been a believer in the impact augmented reality can have for businesses and claims that adopting the technology can help companies reach out to the next generation of tech-savvy consumer. The platform has undergone extensive trials in the United Kingdom and Blippar believes that it is now ready for the rest of the world.

The first major company to make use of the platform is IPC Media, owners of the popular Nuts magazine. The magazine has a circulation of over 100,000 each week and IPC Media has been using the platform to provide readers with augmented reality experiences. These experiences are initiated through the use of a smart phone or other mobile device equipped with the Blippar application.

According to IPC Media, their augmented reality campaign has generated over 200,000 unique engagements through Blippar – called “blipps.” The company considers this a resounding success and will continue using the platform for its publication. Other companies have begun showing interest in the Blipp to Buy platform, including Tesco, Clinique, and Domino’s Pizza. Each of these companies participated in the early trials of the platform and are now eager to make use of the finished product.

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