BlackBerry 7 wins approval and adoption from the Department of Defense

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DOD shows favor for BlackBerry 7 based on augmented reality and NFC technology

Research in Motion (RIM), the technology company responsible for the BlackBerry mobile devices, has announced that BlackBerry 7 smart phones have been approved for use in operations from the U.S. Department of Defense. These smart phones are equipped with voice recognition, NFC and augmented reality technologies. The DOD believes the mobile devices will be useful for a number of military and national security operations and may see use in the field as early as this year, pending evaluations from military associations.

Device could be a boon for military personnel abroad

The BlackBerry 7 has been evaluated by the U.S. Army and Defense Information Systems Agency. The agency found that the mobile device was useful for military operations and claims that it’s NFC and augmented reality capabilities could serve military personnel well in the field. One of the more alluring aspects of the BlackBerry 7 is its use of the BlackBerry Enterprise Server, which has garnered acclaim for its security features. This server is regularly used by governments and businesses to transmit information from smart phones and other mobile devices. The BlackBerry 7’s use of NFC technology will allow military personnel to transfer data over short distances using this server.

Augmented reality continues to garner the attention of the DOD

The phones use of augmented reality technology has also caught the interest of the DOD. The agency has been testing augmented reality recently, having found that it could be useful in helping soldiers operate more efficiently when deployed. The BlackBerry 7 is expected to come equipped with a number of augmented reality applications that are designed specifically for the U.S. military.

Further plans have yet to be revealed for the BlackBerry 7

The Department of Defense has had a long and close relationship with technology. The agency has made use of mobile technology for decades, believing that mobility is a key component to security. Detailed information concerning the agency’s plans for the BlackBerry 7, as well as augmented reality and NFC technologies in general, have yet to be revealed.

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