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Just a few years back, tablets were not widely known at all.

But they made their way, becoming a real boom on the market and settling in many people’s lives globally. Now there are so many types and brands of tablets you can choose from that it’s impossible not to be interested in having one. But there comes the hard part – choosing the right one. Exactly because there are now too many tablets on the market, taking a decision becomes more complicated. There are models, features, prices and other components you have to take into account in order choose a tablet. Should you go for a popular brand or try investing in a bit cheaper one that seems fine too? Check out our suggestion list of the best tablets of 2013 that will help you decide more easily.

Market is indeed flooded with many different kinds of tablets and picking one among all takes a lot of effort. It’s normal to ask yourself which one is the best one for you. The essential factors you should consider are size, power, price. Questioning these issues, your decision-making process will be much easier. Here are some of the best tablets that are being offered this year.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

There is a lot to like in this one. The only disadvantage it has is its screen and the fact its price is yet pretty high. Resolution is only 1280 x 768 pixels. A plus here is the fact it works perfectly well without a stylus pen.

Advent Vega Tegra Note 7

This is a 7-inch tablet and it’s one of the affordable ones on the market. The screen is not on the list of full HD tablets but it’s perfect for gaming. The tablet goes with a stylus.

Amazon Kindle Fire HDX

This is a good powerful device. It performs well, it has a good display and the price is not bad at all. It’s not the best choice if you’re interested in having the latest apps but it’s perfect if you’re more into Amazon’s content.Samsung Galaxy Tablet

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

This is an incredible tablet which allows you to be creative. It has a wide 10.1-inch screen and lets you use it for taking notes at meetings, or even illustrating if you want. A disadvantage is the fact that its 1280 x 800 resolution screen is not the best choice if you want to watch films on it.


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Sony Xperia Tablet Z

It’s a light and well-designed tablet which has a super feature – it’s waterproof. With its 10.1-inch screen and 1920 x 1200 resolution, this model of Sony doesn’t really meet the highest standards but it’s definitely a very satisfactory tablet. It’s very stylish and its features are impressive, considering the price it’s offered at.

Nexus 7 (2013)

This tablet is an upgraded version of the original Nexus 7. Its 1920 x 1200-pixel display and good performance put it among the best tablets offered on the market.

ipad miniApple iPad mini

Its design is great, it’s light and thin. In case you need to use it for work, you can attach a bevy keyboard and use it as a notebook. Easy to handle and supporting many different apps, this tablet is one of the leaders.

Apple iPad Air

This 9.7-inch model is fast, functional and well-designed. Regarding performance, supported apps and attractiveness, for the moment this is the most desired tablet out there.

These days there are so many tablets you can choose among that you have to put some time in research to find the model that best suits your wishes. See our suggestions and get the device you like the most.


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