The best Halloween tech for keeping trick-or-treaters safe

augmented reality halloween tech

This holiday was once a much simpler occasion but today parents and kids need to pay more attention to safety.

Halloween tech has become a central topic of conversation over the last few weeks and is going to become considerably more important this weekend and Monday. The reason is that it can help kids travel from door to door with much greater safety while trick-or-treating.

Children dressed in costumes and in search of yummy treats can often use a hand in staying safe.

After all, when kids are excited and doing things they’ve never done before – or that they rarely do – it can be easy to become lost or make the wrong choices. This year, parents are looking to the best Halloween tech to help to keep an eye on those excited treat-seeking ghosts and goblins. This doesn’t mean they’re forking over thousands of dollars for high tech gadgetry. Instead, it means they’re using readily available and affordable technology to make their kids visible and findable.

The key to great Halloween tech is in choosing simple and practical options.

augmented reality halloween techThe following are great pieces of mobile technology that will help you to make sure this Halloween is as safe as it is fun.

• Charge batteries – make sure your kid’s mobile phone is charged, do the same for yours and keep a backup battery pack on hand for charging on the go – just in case.
• Program emergency contacts – make sure your child’s phone contains the right emergency contact numbers so he or she won’t have to remember them. This should include yours and other people who are local and trustworthy who can help out in a pinch. Teach your child how to dial 911 and how to provide the right details regarding their location.
• Add a great Halloween ring – be certain that the mobile phone ringer isn’t on mute and give it a great Halloween sound at a volume that can be heard over the voices of excited kids and of sound effects.
• Know how to use the flashlight – both you and your child should know how to use the flashlight feature on your phones, whether that’s a built-in feature or through an app. Use it carefully to see where you’re going, remain visible and yet not blind drivers going by. This feature is another reason it will be handy to keep that portable battery pack on hand as the light can be draining.
• Download emergency apps – There are a few good options such as RedPanicButton that can help a child to quickly locate his or her family in case he or she gets lost or feels scared.

Happy Halloween!

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