Best Buy uses mobile marketing to sell big-ticket products

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Best Buy is using a targeted and location based mobile marketing campaign for big-ticket item sales.

Electronics store chain, Best Buy, has announced that it will be using a mobile marketing campaign that will encourage the sale of large items such as a $1,900 television from Samsung, as a part of a targeted campaign.

The electronics retailer is running a broad mobile advertising campaign within the iPhone Pandora app. It is targeting consumers with relevant offers through the use of location-based technology, in order to drive the sales in-store.

According to Simon Buckingham, the CEO of Appitalism, “Best Buy has thought carefully through the call-to-action with this campaign as it uses phone location to show the nearest store and directions, which is a nice mobile-specific and special touch.” Neither Buckingham nor Appitalism are affiliated with Best Buy or the campaign, but he was consulted for his opinion based on his expertise in the area. Best Buy, itself, was not responding to inquiries from the press.

The Best Buy mobile marketing campaign uses smartphone GPS technology for location based ads.

When the GPS is enabled on a consumer’s smartphone, a mobile ad can be provided, offering the consumer promotions specific to the nearest Best Buy store location. It also offers the consumer various deals to encourage them to make a purchase. He or she need only tap the ad in order to be redirected to a special mobile landing page with further information and promotion of the various deals that are available.

In the most recent mobile marketing campaign, the deal was for a television for $1,899.99 from Samsung. It was a 55 inch 3D LED HDTV, Class 1080p, 240Hz. The landing page for this ad also provided the nearest store address and an option to click-to-call that location.

Consumers that use the mobile marketing ad were also provided with the option to choose a different store location or to purchase the item online using the Buy With PayPal button, and could have it shipped. That option redirected the consumer to a PayPal page where they could check-out by logging into their account.


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